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A Comparison of Top Speech Analytics Vendors in The Market

Whenever we talk about speech analytics, the only one thing that comes to our mind is that it is a simple process of gathering information and helps in customer interaction. Speech analytics is something which is also known as audio mining. These days, people are more inclined towards speech analytics and this has actually grabbed many eyeballs and thus businesses are seeking top speech analytics vendors in the market.

Speech analytics deal with the identification of the business intelligence and also in the areas of the planning, recording and also processing of the center agent performance.

People are finding jobs in speech analytics because it is the booming and high paid profession these days. Having through the number of speech analytics vendors, I found Mattsenkumar and Verint as something very different.

So, what makes them different?

Well, to answer this, I have scrolled up the entire website and found so many positive ends. Well, here is the point that actually makes them different:

Top Speech Analytics Vendors Comparison:

SmartSpeech Tags Itself As Innovative Solutions!

SmartSpeech, a product by MattsenKumar offers the most advanced and cost-effective solutions for speech analytics and voice transcription. Their SmartSpeech suite enables clients to carry out advanced call analytics and benchmarking using Speech to Text technology.

With multiple languages support to offshore operations, they have the most innovative yet cost-effective solutions which help the clients in achieving the high business efficiencies.

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Their global culture is driven by accountability, excellence, innovation, and integrity. This is one of the best vendors for speech analytics we have in the market. In terms of services, there are many which are served by them on the same platter. Services include:
• SmartAnalyze.
• SmartConsult
• SmartBenchmark
• SmartTranscript


Verint: The Name Is Enough!

When we are actually talking about Verint, it is a leader in the 2016 Forrester 2016 WFO Wave. Verint helps in empowering organizations with crucial insights through their highly progressive Speech platform. They are aimed to create a smarter world with actionable intelligence.

Their Speech technology services primarily offer optimizing customer engagement and cyber intelligence. Verint solutions are targeted to help businesses improve their processes, workforce optimization and minimize or prevent cyber threats.

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It is helpful in giving a safe performance and also proving effective in developing highly scalable BPOs for the companies. There are two major services which the speech analytics vendor actually provides. It includes customer engagement optimization and cyber intelligence.

Different offerings with added features make both these solutions unique in their own way. There are different speech analytics vendors in the market so far. Always working to strive for excellence, these companies have been willing to work hard in terms of better future prospects and also the candidates too.