5 Reasons To Hire A Pr Agency For Startups Businesses

Today, there are lots of opportunities available for startups in India. As stated in YourStory, there are many Indian startups raised around $1.7 billion from their investors in the first quarter of 2015.

That means a 300% growth in the amount raised have been marked in 2015 Quarter 1, which is higher as compare to $450 million from the last year of quarter 1 and the number is still expected to go further.

So, does this sound good for startups to established their brand and grab opportunities coming their way? Yes, this is the time for new startups to get some press coverage and grab some recognition for their brand in the long run.

But, this is not that much easy, even, you’ll find it challenging and tough in the beginning to establish yourself as a brand and get some media attention to cut off your competition. However, you can always hire a PR agency for your startup in order to stand out from the crowd.

So, here are 5 reasons to hire a PR agency for startups businesses to gain an advantage over your competition.

PR Agency for businesses

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1. Media Opportunities

Be in the news has always been a key element for brand visibility. Media offer’s an ultimate opportunity to reach your targeted audience through best way possible. Thus, in order to build your brand presence as a startup, a PR agency takes initiative to promote your brand via different mediums like digital, traditional and online media. A PR agency also helps your startup to connect with potential audiences by featuring your brand in renowned news and magazines.

2. Keeps Update Your Audience

Working with a top PR agency as a startup will help your brand to be in news with regular updates through press releases and reviews on a regular interval. A good PR agency will always keep track of the current trend and news related to your industry or business with a motive to portray the Brand image effectively.

3. Maintain A Good Public Relation For Your Startup

To keep running with a hassle free and positive approach for your startup business, a PR agency also works to maintain a good relationship between your targeted audience and brand as a spokesperson. Thus, a PR agency is equally accountable for image management of a brand.

PR Agency for startups

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4. Speaks Your Start-Up Story

Communicate and share your startup story is an important part of a PR agency in order to let people know about your positive attitude for business and how much you are serious about your brand, which will help to create trust value eventually.

Once you have done with established your startup story, a PR agency starts working to create a buzz and make you stand out of the crowd in the eyes of media, investors and your consumers. Not even they promote you traditionally; a PR agency will promote you on social media as well, so that it will also make sure to get connected with your audience socially.

5. Help To Make Your CEO Visible

There is no doubt that the CEO or founder of your start-up plays an important role throughout your business journey. CEO’s of any businesses contributes their efforts and experiences to give shape to your company’s value and culture. Therefore, this is very important for a CEO to be reachable and visible to your consumers.

So, with a motive to make CEO of a company visible to the public, a PR agency helps them to be present on social media and business news to make a positive relationship with your targeted audience in order to expand your startup and business.


Although, launching a startup is difficult and executing promotional activities by your own can be challenging. So, there is nothing wrong with hire a PR agency for startups business. You just need to make sure that the PR firm you are working with must be a good match to your startup and are more excited about the brand.

A good PR firm will help you to build brand, communicate with right audience and also help you stand out of the competition with great visibility.