Facebook Is Planning To Launch Its Own Real-Time News Notification App

The Social Media Giant Facebook is planning to launch its own real-time news and updates notification app with a motive to lure people to stay away from its well known rival Twitter.

According to the sources, the upcoming Facebook app is indeed in development, although any specific date for the launch of the app has not been disclosed yet.

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Also, there are some rumors surrounding the app, which said the new app would be called Notify.

In August, Business Insider already hinted at the app, mentioning it as an approach to allow users modify their desired alerts to get specific topics and publications. It also added that the new Facebook app will allow for 100 characters on each update and news alert, along with a news reference link that redirect the users to the main source it pulled from.

At present, the app is reportedly testing by a small group of publications in preparation for a likely launch of the app later this month.

facebook.messenger-third party app

Facebook plans to add up third-party apps to Messenger

facebook.messenger-third party app

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Facebook Messenger is knocked to get a big fix up.

According to the sources, social media giant Facebook plans to declare that it’s opening up Facebook Messenger doors to third-party apps in the course of its upcoming F8 Developer Conference held in San Francisco next week.

The renowned social network is all set to publicize around 20 third-party services and their apps, which will work on top of Facebook Messenger when the incorporation rolls out, according to sources.

Facebook has announced earlier about major new features at its F8 Developer Conference and typically offers to provide guidance, in the way of workshops and discussions on the new features for developers throughout the event.

First stated on Thursday, The upcoming update to Messenger is the company’s latest in a sequence of progress that have enormously expanded the reach of Facebook Messenger over the last year.

Back in 2011, Facebook first introduced Messenger as a standalone app for its users. But last summer the organization proclaimed it would be moving mobile messages out of the main Facebook app entirely. It was the move that angered many of Facebook users at that time.


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As a result, Facebook has been progressively working on to Strengthen Messenger’s feature set, most freshly with the count of mobile payments.

Rather than an add-on to Facebook’s primary service, handed over the messenger’s service to third-party developers will make Messenger its own independent platform. The of ideas of social media giant behind doing this are blurred, but the achievements of renowned apps like WeChat & Line in Asia, which also assistance third-party apps and their services, has evidenced the positive prospect of such a platform.

Although, a lot more will be disclosed during F8 Conference in San Francisco next week. Till stay tuned!!

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Facebook Acquires Shopping Search Engine, TheFind

Facebook unlocks its data stockpile to select advertisers

Facebook Acquires Shopping Search Engine, TheFind


(Image Source: bidnessetc.com)

The renowned social network company, Facebook has acquired an eCommerce search app, TheFind. As per the source, TheFind announced the deal on its website.

According to TheFind, many of its employees would be joining the social media giant Facebook, and will work on making the better significance of the social media network’s advertising. Also, the search engine of TheFind will go offline in the next few weeks, according to the company.

Although, Facebook did not disclose details of the acquisition with TheFind, Founded in 2006, TheFind raised about $26 million in their three investment rounds in the past, but had not received a flood of cash since 2007.

Facebook’s latest move could also be another big step toward establishing more eCommerce platforms on its site. In July 2014, the Facebook already began testing a “Buy” button on the ads and Page posts by users. Also, it previously explored payments, as well as its own online currency called Credits.

facebook news

Facebook unlocks its data stockpile to select advertisers

facebook news

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Until now, Facebook has been cautious of offering big data to advertisers. It’s a practice, Twitter using for a long time and has profited immensely from it.

But from now onwards, the renowned social media giant is finally making its stockpile available to a handpicked group through topic data, for this purpose, a new analytics tool developed with DataSift, an analytics company.

But for now, the social media giant offering Topic data only in the U.S and U.K. to a selected number of DataSift partners. Also, all of the partners will be approved from Facebook.

According to the Facebook, that is totally privacy-friendly. Even, it will be used only for general insights rather than targeted ads.

So, next time when you’ll update your status, this does mean that the social media giant is looks over and gathering your status updates to hand out information to brands.