Facebook Plans To Display Ads Inside Messenger, You Should Know

The social media giant Facebook might be looking forward to bring in new methods to monetize its renowned app, Messenger.


(Image Source: techcrunch.com)

According to the TechCrunch, the Facebook look forward to initiate showing ads inside of its renowned messaging platform “Messenger”. Facebook could launch its upcoming updates regarding ads in the next couple of months, although they haven’t clear the format of the ads.

But, as per the sources suggests that upcoming ads inside of messaging platform will be different than those Facebook ads that appear elsewhere.

The new messenger ads will only display’s in message threads and advertisers will only be able to serve their ads to users who contacted those businesses via Messenger in the past.

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As a part of the plan, a new kind of personalized URL can be share by businesses, which eventually links back to a new message thread with their page.

The picture is not clear yet when exactly the ads will roll out but according to the sources, they are lineup for Q2 2016 at this time.

Well, there is no doubt that this upcoming update regarding ads on Messenger will be beneficial for businesses, but, on the other hand, Facebook will need to move carefully with this upcoming change as users have a tendency to be too sensitive to overly aggressive advertising.

Original News Source: (Mashable.com via Karissa Bell)

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