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Did You Know – Amazing Logo Facts About E-Commerce Company Amazon?

The logo of renowned E-commerce Company, Amazon is an extremely simple logo where the arrow on the logo just looks like a smile, that is pointing  from A to Z, which clearly means that Amazon sell almost everything from A to Z, and brings a smile on the faces of customers whenever they purchase a product.

Amazon-logo fact

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Founded late in 1994, the Company started as an online bookstore, but rapidly step in to selling almost everything ranging from VHSs, DVDs, Video, CDs, MP3, software, electronics, jewelry, toys and apparel online.

The Amazon also produces consumer electronics such as, kindle e-book readers, fire TV, fire tablets and fire phone. Also, the company known as a major service provider for cloud computing.

The company has their separate retail websites for different geographic locations, including the United States, Germany, United Kingdom & Ireland, France, Canada, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Japan, India, China and Mexico.


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The Founder of the company, Bezos, selected the name Amazon in the name of the biggest river on the earth, “Amazon River”, as he intended to make his store the biggest store in the globe. The Amazon was originally started in the garage of Bezos.

In initial days as a start-up, the Amazon started as an online book store and sold its first book “Douglas Hofstadter’s Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought” on Amazon.com.

Within the first two months of the trade, Amazon took the sells to all 50 states and over 45 countries, but the company’s initial business strategy was unusual and it did not suppose to make a profit for four to five years. Later, stockholders started to complain about the company slow growth rate due to which they thought that company is not reaching to the profitability fast enough to survive in the long run. But, the company survived and finally made its first profit of $5 million in the fourth quarter of year 2001.

The times Magazine honoured Bezos for title of the “Person of the year” in 1999, acknowledging the Amazon success in spreading online shopping worldwide.

In 1997, Barnes & Noble sued Amazon for claiming to be the “largest bookstore in the globe”. Later on, the case from Barnes & Noble was settled down out of the court. On October 16, 1998, Walmart also sued Amazon asserting that the company had stolen trade secrets of Walmart by hiring their former executives and employees. Though, this case was also settled out of the court, but it results in implementing internal restrictions in the Amazon and also the reassignment of the past executives of Walmart.


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Guess The Brand – Interesting Logos Quiz

logo quiz-cover image

Guess The Brand – Interesting Logos Quiz

Guessing has always been a great game to brainstorm your mind and gain knowledge. I love the games of guessing and I hope you also love the same. Even, the game of guessing become more interesting when it comes to guessing logos quiz of renowned brands, one of the reasons behind your interest is day to day encounters with many brands.

So, wait no further, here are some famous and interesting brands logos quiz with their hints, and you just have to recognize them as fast as you can.

Guess The Brand #1

dreamworks-logo quiz


  • Indeed a creative logo portrays a boy sitting on the moon, enjoying fishing. Also, the company logo is one of the most renowned and visually interesting logos in the movie production industry.
  • This company is a part of the famous Walt Disney Corporation of film production studios and endures to produce high-quality movies and television series for their audiences worldwide.
  • The brand also recognised for some of the best known works including, The Gladiator, Shrek movie series, A Beautiful Mind and Time Machine.

Guess The Brand #2

Accenture logo-quiz


  • The logo features the organization name in lower-case letters and a “greater-than” sign which is located just above one of the letters.
  • The logo represents a famous Irish company well known for its technology and management consulting and outsourcing services around the globe.

Guess The Brand #3

gucci-logo quiz


  • If you look closely, the logo comprises of the two interlocking “Gs”. I am sure you wondered about this emblem, well, when you looked in the past for history of the company, you’ll find a particularly iconic touch, founded in late 1964, was the use of the double-G logo for buckles of belt and other accessory decorations.
  • This amazing logo stands for a well-known Italian fashion brand famous for manufacturing high-end fashion and leather accessories and products.

Guess The Brand #4

winston-logo quiz



  • The logo is easily recognized and it contains a flying eagle in a red or blue rectangle.
  • Introduced in 1954, this logo represents a famous American cigarette brand. Even, the brand was once the best-selling brand of cigarettes among people in the US market.

Guess The Brand #5

sephora-logo quiz


  • With a simple and elegant flame emblem on a black background, this renowned logo features the brand name.
  • This logo is a famous French brand of cosmetics founded in Paris in late 1970. Also, the name of the well-known company was inspired by the famous Greek word “sephos” which means beauty.

Hope you love this game, will update with some other logo quiz soon, meanwhile you can read 5 amazing Iconic Logo Facts and Secrets , till Keep Guessing!!

Goodwill Logo-Facts

5 Amazing Iconic Logos Facts And Secrets

As a major identity, Logo plays an important role for any company or organization. Even, when any firm goes to create a logo for their identity, they always keep in mind that the logo must look pleasing and to grab consumer’s attention. There are many great logos of the past and present come with a story and have a little bit of history associated with them. Many logos contain some fun facts, but on the other hand, some have secrets behind. So, here you’ll find 5 Amazing Iconic Logos Facts & Secrets about them.

1. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins Logo-Facts

Here you can see the pink colour in the logo, which may seem artistic for people, but if you notice a little, you’ll find that pink colour is actually meant to reveal the number “31”, using the creative design curves of the “B” and the backing of the “R”.

But did you think why there is a number “31”? Well, this is the number of original flavours of ice cream the Baskin Robbins offers.

2. Toblerone

Toblerone Logo-Facts

Toblerone logo is one of the unique logos you have ever seen, but what hidden in the Toblerone logo? Here is a mountain featuring in the company logo, which represents a “mountain city” known as Bern in Switzerland. The company is from the same city.

Also, after a close look over it, you’ll see a hidden bear outline in the mountain, because the city is well known as the city of bears, and that is the reason you can notice a bear out there.

3. Northwest Airlines

Northwest Airlines Logo-Facts

Take a close look to the letters in the circle, just next to the “Northwest Airlines” logo, you’ll first notice alphabet “N”. But, if you give it a second close look, you’ll notice a other letter “W”. Yes, the letter “W” is crafted out of the “N” and the arrow at the top.

Now, when you look at the arrow, here you’ll notice that what direction it is pointing? It is pointing towards the northwest, which is the name of the renowned airline.

4. Goodwill Non-profit

Goodwill Logo-Facts

Did you notice a smiling face? The face in the Goodwill logo makes the outline of a “g” when you look at the logo closely. This outline represents the first letter of the renowned non-profit’s organization.

The organization picks to deliver this using a smiley face as the organization providing the help for those in needs bring a smile on their face as well as putting a smile on the faces of those whom they are assisting.

5. The SUN Microsystems

Sun Microsystems Logo-Facts

Look at the logo carefully, you’ll find that the multiple letter “U” is making up the word Sun.

Even, when you look at the complete logo, from a distance, you’ll count that the word SUN appears more than twice. In total, you can see the word four times.