Top 5 Online Tools To Create An Infographic

Today, popularity of Infographics is gaining an ultimate rise with both small & large companies in order to deliver relevant awareness and content to the target audience, Infographics are also known as Information graphics as they represent any information through attractive and pleasant graphic mediums.

Infographics are the best method to convert any knowledge, data or any other complex information in an easy, simple and entertaining way, so that people can get useful information in no time with the help of graphic visuals.

But how to make an attractive Infographic? All you need is some creativity and out of the box visualization of a concept that leads your Infographic to top the popularity graphs. Finding some tools to create Infographic is not a challenge, but to figure out which one is best for you is like a challenge what some beginner faces during their hunt for such tools. Here is a list of top 5 Easy & Affordable Tools to create an Infographic.

1. Canva

Canva offers you an easy and free to use board that encloses hundreds of amazing fonts and millions of pictures to include in your infographics. Canva also allows you to insert premium pictures as well for just $1 each. In addition, you can also edit and manage the photos of your choice straight within the program. Also, Canva allow you to edit & share Infographics.



2. Piktochart

Another famous resource with pre-programmed ready to use themes, over 1,000 images to put & the capability to share infographic, Piktochart is one of the best platforms among graphic designers and companies worldwide. Piktochart is available for use in both free & paid versions. If you are in learning stage and don’t desire to spend so much on creating infographics, try with the free package, where Piktochart offers you to use the ready-made templates and 20 uploaded stock images. On the other side, if you desire to create your infographic in a more appealing and professional way, you should go for the paid package, where you’ll get creative icons, privacy controls and around 200 uploaded stock images to use for as low as $29 a month.

piktochart-himanshu-blog3. Venngage

Same as Piktochart and Canva, Venngage is also known to offer its ultimate and useful resources for graphic designers from across the world. Holding a figure of free features, Venngage provide templates, themes, icons and charts to make sure that you are able to create a creative and pleasant infographic. The awesome themes also allow you to craft eye catching reports, posters & presentations. In addition, you can also upload your images from the computer as well as from the web to add into the infographic.

venngage4. Visme

Labelled as one of the most trusted and useful resources, Visme offers designers and businesses to create unique Infographics with a surplus of pictures and ready to use templates. If you are using the free version of Visme, you are able to create 3 Infographic projects with around 100 MB of storage space. In addition, Visme also allow you to download or publish your final Infographic as JPEG images. If in case, you are using the paid version of Visme, you can leverage a wide range of add on features and benefits for just $5 a month. The paid version also offers you to access all Infographic widgets and charts, premium support and storage space of 250 MB.

Visme for Infographic

5. Sprites

Sprites is also in the list of the popular resource platforms to offer interactive Infographic as per your need. This easy yet useful platform allows you to create your Infographic into an amazing video. The features of Sprites allow you to design Infographic that are fully scalable and ready to use for almost all devices including iPhones and iPads which are iOS enabled. You can also take a pick from a wide range of pictures and themes free of cost. You can also leverage feature of Google Analytics integration, upload custom themes and password protection on the Infographic design for just $6 per month.



Although, there are so many tools available online to create Infographics but in my opinion, above mentioned tools are really best if you are looking to create some amazing Infographics and do not want to spend too much time.