9 Tips Google-Adwords-Quality Score

9 Tips To Improve Google Adwords Quality Score

9 Tips Google-Adwords-Quality Score

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In my previous article, I have covered topic on how to write best adwords ads copies , and today we’ll go to cover how to improve Google Adwords quality score in this easy step by step article. There is no doubt that adwords is indeed a best platform to reach potential customers with targeted keywords as per your industry need. But, when starting your PPC ad campaign, it’s very essential to place your ads on best position in order to get enough clicks from users.

A higher ad position on search page results to a good click through rate for a triggered search query. But what if you have to pay high cost per click to get top rank? This is a common misconception among people using Adwords that getting top rank leads to pay more per click. Well, ads positions are totally based on Google “Ad Rank” method.

Ad Rank basically based on two important factors, the maximum bid (cost) you willing to pay per click and “Quality Score” of your keywords and ads. A good quality score for your Adwords campaign allow you to get a top ad rank for less cost.

Your Adwords quality score calculated by Google for each of your keyword dynamically, including various factors such as how relevant your targeted keyword is to your ad copies serving to users for a search query.

So, let’s give a try to these 9 simple steps to improve Adwords quality score.

1. Generate A List Of Relevant And Targeted Keywords

While working on a PPC campaign, it is very important to set focus about what you want to achieve with your campaign. Don’t get overwhelmed about driving traffic to your site without even knowing what action you actually want from people to take when they visit your site. If you’re offering various products or services, don’t forget to make a relevant list of targeted keywords around them to brainstorm how people will make a search for products and services you’re providing. Sometime it is known as a best practice to ask people around you that on what search terms they will search for these things. Now, take this list to Google Keyword Planner or any of the tools you use for keyword researching and find possible keywords around them to make a group of them. Also, give a close look to the keywords not relevant to your target search terms to use them for negative keywords list later.

2. Separate Targeted Keywords Into Ad Groups

Once, you have done with your keyword list, move to assemble them in different ad groups according to their themes. Such as, keywords around “Commercial Photography” must be put in different ad groups, same as make a separate ad group for keywords around “wedding Photography” respectively. Also remember, themes could be grounded on many diverse concepts such as product attribute, product type, geography etc.

Google adwords-ad-groups

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3. Make Relevant Ad Copies For Each Group

After done with ad grouping of keywords as per their theme, pay attention to create amazing yet relevant Ad copies based on the theme of your keywords. Don’t forget to think about the relevancy of the keywords that how these keywords are going to match with the ads you are going to create, as this the key point of an ad group where your ad copies must interact with your keywords.

4. Test Your Ads With Multiple Ad Copies

Adwords ad-copies-test

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Though, you know how to write Adwords ads copies, even if you are writing your ads carefully, still it is very important to test your ad copies with multiple ads as some will perform far better than other ad copies. It is recommended by experts to run at least two ad copies at the same time to monitor which one is performing well. The best practice to monitor your ads is to keep your ad rotation settings to “Rotate: Show ads more evenly.” Through this setting, Google Adwords will give chance to appear your ad copies on search result equal, which will eventually let you know about better performing ad.

Google Ad-rotate setting

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5. Make A User Friendly Landing Page

Offer a “User Friendly Landing Page” to the visitors is another most important factor to improve quality scores. When you all set to go to create a landing page, make sure that your content and design is reliable with both of your ad copies and keywords. Make sure to use targeted keywords in headers, title tags and content.


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6. Deliver What Users Looking For

People are good at online searches and are very well clear with the things what they are looking for, so make it sure to deliver them exactly what they are searching online. Even, if content, keywords and ad copies of your campaign are relevant, but user’s don’t find any solution to what they are looking for, they will leave your landing page which will eventually lead to a high bounce rate and affect quality scores as a result.

7. Keep A Clear And Easy Approach

When your targeted customers lands on your page through your ads, don’t make them confuse with lots of fancy graphics or text as graphics may increase the load time of your site. Instead, keep a realistic and simple approach with point to point solutions for their queries and also don’t forget to put a call to action in order to get conversions.

8. Try To Perform A/B Testing

A/B testing is a very well-known word in the paid marketing vocabulary. Creating a single landing page to get best results is alone not enough to achieve your PPC campaign goals. It is recommended to go with two different sets of landing pages to settle down with a better one for the purpose of your advertising goals. Even, if you don’t have that much of time to perform A/B Testing, you can try experimenting with landing page layout, content and appearance as small changes from you can put a huge impact in order to bring conversions.

Adwords AB-testing

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9. Track Campaign Performance

Tracking your PPC campaign is a very important task to keep maintains your campaign performance. Thus, it is recommended by experts to implement Google Analytics or any third party tools in order to monitor your campaign performance on a regular basis. Continues practice with these tips will eventually improve your campaign quality score, cut down your PPC campaign cost and increase conversion rates.

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Tips to manage google adwords

12 Google Adwords Tips To Manage A Small Budget Campaign

Marketing your small business through Google Adwords with a limited budget has always been a big struggle for the people who are looking to achieve better ROI for their business. Renowned Google Online Advertising program, Google Adwords, offers businesses to display their ads in front of targeted customers looking for desired services or products online.

Although, you can get started with Adwords accounts as low as $3 or $4. But how to get better results with Google Adwords within a small marketing budget?

Google Adwords known as CPC (Cost Per Click) model, so you’ll get charged whenever a user makes a click on your ad. But, will you able to compete with big companies if you only have to spend $100 a month on Google Adwords?

Google Adwords can be useful for small budget businesses if they managed it carefully, Here are 12 Google Adwords tips to leverage a small budget campaign.

1. Adwords Campaign Objectives

Before you all set to start with Google Adwords Ad Campaign, don’t forget to clarify your campaign goals, whether it is to drive more traffic, target a list of specific keywords, or to compete with your competitor  as a part of marketing stunt.

2. Focused On Google Search

If you are spending a small budget for Adwords campaign, it is recommended to stay focused only advertising on the Google Search Network. Though, Google search partners and Google display network can get your business some leads, but they are not as much efficient and qualified than Google search. So, start with Google search network first.

google search

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3. Right Keyword Research

Placing bids for generic keywords can lead to very high CPC. So selecting right keywords for your campaign is very important on a small budget. In order to get best results, always try to bid on unique and long tail keywords to effectively achieve your goal on a small budget. Also, don’t forget to use your analytics account to find out organic searches coming to your website. Google keywords planner can also be an effective tool to get the right keywords for your campaign.

adwords keyword-research

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4. Geographical Based Targeting

Google Adwords offers you the ability to show your ads only to users searching for some services or products from a specific location. You can target your PPC ads by a specific city, area, zip code or even a radius targeting around your business location.

This will eventually help you to target your ads only to people near the service area of your business. You can also try by sending special coupons or deals to targeted users while they are on their way to buy or get services around your business.

geographic targeting-adwords

5. Use Keyword Match Type

In order to keep your Adwords budget in control, take a move by selecting right keyword match type as an exact match or phrase match. Let’s talk about the graphic design industry, choosing the exact match type such as [graphic design company] will not display your ads for search terms like “graphic design company” or “graphic design agency”.

Targeting keywords like “graphic design company India” will get you sufficient impressions and clicks at a lower bid price. So, if you are running a small or medium business, these match types will be helpful for you.

6. Proper Ad Scheduling

Ad scheduling is the best way to show your ads to users only at specific times or days. If your business working hours are only from 10am–6pm, then there is no need to show ads during non-business hours in order to get positive results.

You can also take advantage of more advanced ad scheduling with the ability to run or stop ads during peak hours or a slow time/day. You may want to show your ads during peak hours as this is the time where conversion rate will be higher. On the other hand, you could attract users by showing ads for coupons and deals during slow hours as per your business type.

Ad schedule-Adwords

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7. Add Negative Keywords

Some of you may think what Negative Keywords is all about? Well, Negative Keywords are known as those keywords which are not relevant or are off topic to your business search terms. Thus, it is very important to add a list of those negative keywords to your campaign.

Also, it is recommended to regularly update negative keywords if you are working with broad match and phrase match type. You can find those irrelevant organic search results in Google Analytics account or even in Adwords search results like this image below.

Keywords search terms-adwords

8. Concentrate on Ad Position

When it comes to targeting an Ad position, it is not always necessary to be on top of the ad result to get noticed by the users. Even, if you are appearing on top 3 positions, you will eventually increase the chances of getting clicks by irrelevant searches. Thus, it is necessary to write good Adwords ad copies in order to grab user’s attention within a small or low bid on keywords.

9. Take Benefit of Your Brand Name

Using your brand name is a good practice to grab user’s attention if people know your brand well. Even, if you are new to the market, you can also leverage your brand name by putting them in your ad copies to build a brand name progressively. Bids on brand name as a keyword won’t charge you higher and therefore easy to fit in a small budget.

Mediagraphixpr-pr agency in delhi

10. Landing Page Optimization

Optimization of landing page plays an important role to achieve a good quality score and lower bid rate as a result. A good landing page must be user friendly and build on parameters of relevant content, originality and information. Always remember, you’ll waste your money if you are not going to optimize your landing pages to get the best conversion rate.


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11. Achieve Good Quality Score

Achieving a good Quality Score for your targeted keywords is always important, which depends on your Adwords click through rate. The quality score of a keyword is majorly depends on 3 factors, your targeted keywords, relevant ad copies and a user friendly landing page experience.

Thus, it is recommended to improve Adwords click through rate for your ad copies to get best Quality Score for your targeted keywords. The position for your ad is determined by the CPC you willing to pay and your quality score:

Your Ad Position = CPC x Quality Score

If you’ll achieve to get a high quality score, your ads will get a higher ad rank with a low CPC.

12. Use Ad Extensions

If your ads getting a higher ad position on the top of the search results, then, you can add relevant ad extensions to your ad copies in order to grab more attention of user’s. You can add details such as location extension, special offers and deals, site links, business phone number, review extension, callout extension or app extension as per your business need.

Adwords ad extensions

Adwords Click Through Rates-CTR

6 Hasty Tips to Improve AdWords Click Through Rate (CTR)

What is Click Through Rate (CTR)? I know many of you are very well aware of CTR, but for those who are not so much familiar with the term CTR or just started with Google Adwords, the term CTR or Adwords Click Through Rate means that how much clicks your ads getting on impressions while showing on search result.

There are lots of reasons to improve Adwords click through rates. You might need to increase CTR to help drive more traffic to your site, gain better Quality Scores, or achieve visibility for a new service or product.

But wait a minute, raising click through rates here doesn’t mean raising conversion rate. You might be even decreased conversion rates with ads. However, we are making a move with focus on raising click through rates rather than focus on how it touches other metrics.

As usual, this is all about testing for yourself to keep an eye that what helps to achieve your overall goals. Here are some 6 Hasty Tips to Improve AdWords Click Through Rates (CTR) in no time.

1. Extended Headlines

There is no doubt that extended headlines of your ad copies on top search results get more clicks than normal headlines. This is one of the best ways to improve click through rate of your ad copies. You can make your ads stand out by just putting a relevant “punctuation mark” at the end of your description line 1.

Just look at the ad sample below:

click through rate-ad sample

ad copy-mediagraphix

Here, as you can see I have just ended description line 1 with a relevant punctuation mark. When I did so, the description line 1 of my ad copy extended as a headline.

2. Add Sitelinks

Adding sitelinks in your ad copies provide an extra weightage to your ads. Sitelinks are a kind of extension itself, but there is one difference between sitelinks and other extensions. Other extension can’t show additional extension with your ad copy, but with sitelinks, you can put additional links or tabs showing other benefits and also navigate to your site straight from the ad copies.

Adwords ad copy-Mediagraphixpr

Adwords ad copy-Mediagraphixpr

3. Use Trademarks

Though, competition is high today and there are lots of options available in the market to choose from, but still many consumers are brand conscious. Whenever, someone looking for a brand in their search terms they would more like to see that brand name in your ad copy. But always be careful of the legal possibilities about trademarks while adding Trademarks in your ads.

Trademark use-Adwords ad

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4. Use Negative Keywords

In order to improve Adwords ads click through rate (CTR), adding Negative Keyword list to your assigned ad groups or campaign will help in decrease chance of irrelevant traffic from related but unwanted searches. In simple words, adding negative keyword helps in exclude ad copy from appearing on search result with inappropriate search terms.

add negative keywords

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5. Use An Ad Extension

Use of an ad extension is a simple yet useful way to improve click through rate of your ad copies. It also helps in getting chances of good conversion rates as well. Ad extensions help you to show more information or states with your ads to make it stand out of the crowd and increase the chance to get more clicks. This additional information can be product features, any offer and benefits. One can add extensions for social, products, contacts and local.

click through rate-ad sample

ad copy-mediagraphix

As here you can notice, I have used call out extension for the ad copy which is showing features and USP’s of the services.

6. Offer Some Freebies

I don’t think so if someone doesn’t want something for free. If you put something in your ad copy that’s you offering for free will be an added advantage in order to get more clicks which will eventually increase click through rate of your ad copies.

A freebie can be anything like a free gift, a free consultation, a free buy one get one offer. That will really work. But remember, this all is like testing for your ad copies, sometimes word free works, sometimes they do not, it’s all up to your industry or service type. Sometime people would love to go with values and better services rather than to get something free. So keep trying with your ads.

Hope these ideas will help you to achieve better click through rates for your ads. However, it is recommended to always keep testing with your ads and ad variations to achieve goals.

5 Easy Tips For Writing AdWords Ads Copies

If you are new to an amazing platform of Google Adwords and looking to promote your product or brand through paid mediums on search engines, then you are on the right platform to sell your services and products.

Though, Adwords is a good place for conversions and leads, but competition is much higher than what you have expected in order to achieve your goals. It is very important to make sure that you are showing relevant ads to your target audience.

But how to make an awesome ad copy which look great to stand out from the crowd? The basic format for the ads is common where an ad copy has four lines of texts to use and each line have different character length. Such as an example below:

Google Ad Copy Format


Here are some simple yet useful tips to follow while you are going to start with your ad copies.

1. Use Relevant Keywords In Headline

Putting keywords is your ad headline is the best way to serve the people with relevant ad copy as per their search term. Use of keywords in headline also boosts ad relevancy with keyword as it uses a large colored font when it appears in Google search page. As you can see in this picture below that the search terms also get bolder when it appears within your ad copy. Also, don’t forget to capitalize the first letter of your keywords within headline as it gets your ad noticed, but don’t make whole headline capitalize as it will violate Google text ad guidelines.

mediagraphixpr-Google ad


As you can see I am bidding on the key term ‘PR Agency’ so I have placed this keyword in the headline and again put the term PR in the ad copy as well.

2. Highlight Benefits, Not Features

It’s often come across on the search page that sometimes people are more interested into highlighting features instead of product or service benefits. In order to get more potential clicks from the targeted audience, highlighting benefits can help you out. For example, if you are selling a headphone, you can write “Listen Supreme Sound” instead of saying “In line remote & Mic”. Putting words this way create a realistic approach and help to make readers feel more involved with the product or services you are offering to them.

3. Use A Unique Call-To-Action

When you are about to complete your ad copy, don’t forget to use an appropriate and unique “Call To Action” which finally grabs the attention of the user. Also, don’t put that same traditional terms such as click now or buy now etc. always try to put something eye catching and attention grabbing with some urgency as well, Such as “Call Experts Now” or “Grab the offer”.

Call to action-ad copy

4. Use Figures in ad copies

Nothing boosts sales other than figures. If your ad copy consist any discount, or your product or services have won any awards in past or present, or are ranked no. 1 in your domain, you should leverage it. This will eventually help to build trust in your ad copies, company and services.

Adwords ad copy figures

This ad copy is full of figures and stats such as 500 business cards for $8.50, 4.7 star rating. These figures all help to create an ad stand out of the crowd.

5. Make your URL Unique & Readable

Never use the full title of your linked page. Always make your URL neat and clean to get readable by users and Google as well. Instead, this is another great way to put your keywords.


Bad URL: yoursite.com/products/newproducts/niceproduct/30%

Good URL: yoursite.com/nice-product


Although, these are a good way to improve your ad copies to get better results in search results, but always keep in mind that adwords is all about keep testing with your ads and keywords for better results. Give a try to these quick tips and make your ad copies stand out of the crowd.