Best Online Logo Design Contest Sites For Business Startups

Every business startup has a unique name in its niche, thus, logo design of the company must be unique and innovative to make it stand out of the crowd. A logo is not only a design; it’s an identity of any company in terms of brand value.

Today, getting a great logo design become a need of almost every business or startups. A logo must represent the brand value and company’s dedication towards their customers. But, getting a logo design for your company can be very challenging without proper skills and market knowledge.

Although, there are many options available in the market to get a unique logo for your company, but unfortunately there are some small business or startups can’t afford to pay such huge amount to get a logo design.

Thankfully, these days a new trend is on a boom which is best known as online logo design contest where a large number of skilled designers compete with each other in order to deliver you a dream logo for your company.

The online logo design contest is a very simple concept, where logo seekers just have to post their logo design brief as per their industry need and the rest will be taken care by skilled designers. The higher the prize money you willing to pay, the large number of designs you’ll receive from the designers, at the end of the contest a client has to pick a winning logo design.

The best part of the online logo design contest is, you can directly interact with participating designers and can also give them proper feedback according to your logo design need. So, without taking further time, here are the best online logo design contest sites for business startups:


A renowned name in the logo design industry, 99Designs dominating the market with their creative and unique logo design contest services for businesses and startups. You can find a wide range of design solutions with 99Designs including, logo design, T-shirt design, business card designs and banner ad designs.

You can start a basic logo design contest for $299 expecting 30 designs from the best designers around the globe. You double the contest prize money; you increase your chance to expect more designs.



Designhill, a leading marketplace to offer custom logo design contest is making a successful move in the logo design industry. In a very short span of time, Designhill already provided creative logo design solutions to a large number of businesses and startups.

Getting a dream logo was never so easy, you can launch a logo design contest with designhill in $199 expecting 40+ designers with social media promotion and money back guarantee if in case you don’t like any of the submitted designs.

You can also upgrade your logo design contest to get some extra features like highlighted contest to grab the attention of more designers to compete for your dream logo.


Design Crowd

Whether you need a logo design or a website design for your company, Designcrowd can help you to boost your marketing efforts by providing you innovative design solutions ranging from flyer design, business card design to poster design. Start with a basic contest will cost you under $200. You can also contact to their support team if in case of any contest related query.


Crowd Spring

This amazing site offers thousands of logo design, web design and graphic design contest each year to their customers. You can also avail other addon services such as business writing, creative writing and editing. You can avail their basic logo design services in just $199/-.


Design Contest

Started as a logo design contest site, today this amazing platform offering logo design to web design contest to their customers all around the globe. One can start a logo design contest with $275 and if in case you don’t like any of the designs there will be a 100% money back guarantee. After posting your design need, you can expect about 25 to 30 entries in which you can elect the winning logo for you.



Although, these sites are good enough to get a dream logo for your business, but it’s recommended to visit these sites and check all the details by your own in terms of price, policies and user experience.

Have a happy contest!!


5 Reasons To Hire A Pr Agency For Startups Businesses

Today, there are lots of opportunities available for startups in India. As stated in YourStory, there are many Indian startups raised around $1.7 billion from their investors in the first quarter of 2015.

That means a 300% growth in the amount raised have been marked in 2015 Quarter 1, which is higher as compare to $450 million from the last year of quarter 1 and the number is still expected to go further.

So, does this sound good for startups to established their brand and grab opportunities coming their way? Yes, this is the time for new startups to get some press coverage and grab some recognition for their brand in the long run.

But, this is not that much easy, even, you’ll find it challenging and tough in the beginning to establish yourself as a brand and get some media attention to cut off your competition. However, you can always hire a PR agency for your startup in order to stand out from the crowd.

So, here are 5 reasons to hire a PR agency for startups businesses to gain an advantage over your competition.

PR Agency for businesses

(Image Source: entrepreneur.com)

1. Media Opportunities

Be in the news has always been a key element for brand visibility. Media offer’s an ultimate opportunity to reach your targeted audience through best way possible. Thus, in order to build your brand presence as a startup, a PR agency takes initiative to promote your brand via different mediums like digital, traditional and online media. A PR agency also helps your startup to connect with potential audiences by featuring your brand in renowned news and magazines.

2. Keeps Update Your Audience

Working with a top PR agency as a startup will help your brand to be in news with regular updates through press releases and reviews on a regular interval. A good PR agency will always keep track of the current trend and news related to your industry or business with a motive to portray the Brand image effectively.

3. Maintain A Good Public Relation For Your Startup

To keep running with a hassle free and positive approach for your startup business, a PR agency also works to maintain a good relationship between your targeted audience and brand as a spokesperson. Thus, a PR agency is equally accountable for image management of a brand.

PR Agency for startups

(Image Source: adweek.com)

4. Speaks Your Start-Up Story

Communicate and share your startup story is an important part of a PR agency in order to let people know about your positive attitude for business and how much you are serious about your brand, which will help to create trust value eventually.

Once you have done with established your startup story, a PR agency starts working to create a buzz and make you stand out of the crowd in the eyes of media, investors and your consumers. Not even they promote you traditionally; a PR agency will promote you on social media as well, so that it will also make sure to get connected with your audience socially.

5. Help To Make Your CEO Visible

There is no doubt that the CEO or founder of your start-up plays an important role throughout your business journey. CEO’s of any businesses contributes their efforts and experiences to give shape to your company’s value and culture. Therefore, this is very important for a CEO to be reachable and visible to your consumers.

So, with a motive to make CEO of a company visible to the public, a PR agency helps them to be present on social media and business news to make a positive relationship with your targeted audience in order to expand your startup and business.


Although, launching a startup is difficult and executing promotional activities by your own can be challenging. So, there is nothing wrong with hire a PR agency for startups business. You just need to make sure that the PR firm you are working with must be a good match to your startup and are more excited about the brand.

A good PR firm will help you to build brand, communicate with right audience and also help you stand out of the competition with great visibility.

business promotional video

6 Tips To Promote Business Promotional Video As a Start-Up

Are you a start-up? If your answer is yes, then you must be spending an enough portion of your budget on promotion of your new company to take it to your potential customers. Although, it’s really hard for young company to show its personality and presence in front of their audience in starting stage.

Sometimes, founder of the company don’t have a lot of visibility already, even, what a company wants and what their culture is can’t be spoken through the products and services itself.

It is very important to let people know about your mission and goals towards consumer interest and market in order to get consumer attention. Though, there are many channels available to offer you better reach and visibility, but when it’s come to promote your brand in an effective and creative way, video promotions known as the great approach to express your company in the front of the mass audience at the same time.

Today, people are more interested in downloading or sharing information through videos which allow users to enjoy innovative visuals with great music or sound.

There are lots of reasons why video promotion works so well, and I think most of you would have already seen various examples of how interactive video promotions helps to grow the business. Just like Here:

(Video Source: spotlights2dio.com)

When you start working on your video, you’ll get lots of advice on how to get started with a great script for your marketing video or how to produce a business promotional video in a cost effective way, but do you really think this is the only solutions to your query? Absolutely not, because the most important factor you’ll go to notice is where it should be distributed with a motive to gain potential reach.

When you have done with your business promotional video, start looking to promote it at the earliest as people would love to watch fresh videos in the market and it’s the only time for you to put a great impact on your targeted audience. So here are some best ways to promote your business promotional video:

1. Promote on Social Media Channels

You believe it or not, but social media made a great impact on people’s daily life. Today, people are more curious to know about the latest trends and news around them, even people are optimizing social media to get reviews and peer recommendation of any product and services.

Now, here you have got the chance to promote your business promotional video on your company business page through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. By promoting your company video over social channels, you’ll not only take your company goals to people in an interactive manner, even you’ll get a boost in your social media networks.

2. Promote via Video Submission Channels

The best way to promote your video and make it viral is submitting it on various video submission channels such as Youtube, Vimeo and Vine etc. here you can add a title and a description of your video along with the URL of your brand site which allow people to visit your site after watching your business promotional video.

3. Promote on Your Site

Promoting videos on the site is a latest trend you can see these days. You can promote your video through embed it on your site and make it viewable to the visiting users. This will help to increase the user’s experience of your site and people will be more interested to engage with your site for a long time.

4. Ask People To Share your Video

You can also ask users to share your video with their friends and channels straight from your site or via social networks, which will eventually help your site to get attention. A simple call to action like “please share” or like the video can be a great help in order to promote your business video.

5. Write A Post About Your New Video

It’s a good practice to make an article or blog about your new video which you are promoting for your business. Writing articles or blog will allow you to get published your latest business promotional video on various article submission sites or forums.

6. Send Emails For Your Video Links

Wait, are you asking me to send emails for the video links, sounds crazy? Well, trust me sending emails for your business video to your registered users and business associates will let them know about the launch of your latest brand video which helps in grabbing their attention in no time.

In the end, while looking to create an interactive video to promote your business, make sure to hire the best video production company for your next marketing campaign. Also, don’t forget to promote your video on various platforms as mentioned in the article. Once, your promotional video gets viral on different channels it will defiantly benefit you in many ways.


pr meetings

7 Points To Keep In Mind When Hire A PR Agency

Are you looking to hire a PR agency? Hiring a PR agency is not as easy what people think today. A number of businesses or startup thinks that hiring a PR firm will magically get them fame and sales in no time.

Hiring a PR agency is not like a magic stick that will get you the desirable results within a short span of time, but if you are looking for some extra support, or want to make a long term communication with your targeted audience within market scenario, PR firms or PR agencies can help you out to get your business in a better place you want. Here are 7 tips to find out the best PR agency to help your business to reach promotion goals.

1. Hire Someone That You’ll Enjoy Working With

Always keep in mind while hunting for a good PR agency that a good agency will always be interested in you as much you are interested to work with them. A PR agency must understand goals of your organization and should be ready enough to take responsibilities to promote your brand. When you hire a PR agency, you are probably paying high, but you gain to access to a wide pool of useful resources and you would like to spend a decent time working together. So, try to find out people with whom you can build a strong relationship and who can give their best in your organization with all their interest and expertise to meet your desirable goals.

2. Hunt For Experts

There are a number of PR agencies in India to offer business promotion services with a different set of style or way as per their ability and approach of the work. Always try to go with a PR agency that supplements the aim and goals of your business. Try to find out the agency that has a previous proven performance record regarding the solutions you are looking at to resolve the issues in the way of your business promotion. Always remember, experience does matter in case you are looking for someone to handle all of your promotion, look after for the agency with specialization in the related sector.


(Image Source: vectrabank.com)

3. Organize Face To Face Meet Ups

If you are seeking for the best results, your official meet up process should always comprise a face to face meet up, followed by a written brief regarding your goals, so you can advance a real intellect of the professional organization. Be sure, you are always meeting up those people who are actually looking after for your project even if you hired an agency in order to make sure what progress is going on and what are the results you are getting.

pr meetings

(Image Source: insurancejournal.com)

4. Provide As Clear Approach As Possible

In order to facilitate the process with a PR agency, you should always keep a clear and straight approach or brief whenever necessary. A good agency would be happy to take initiative and would love to work with you with their best approach to get work brief time to time within the process, but always try to be clear and straight from the start with keeping these below points in mind:

  • Who are the people you seek to communicate with
  • What are the goals and objectives you want to achieve
  • Your ideas and message
  • Your estimated budget for the project

Also, always try to provide some reference or any relevant information to the agency, so the agency can go further with a right approach.

5. Provide Sufficient Time

As I stated earlier, there is no magic behind the success of any work or project, give agencies a sufficient time to respond to your project brief, so that they can come up with the best ideas and research to develop a goal oriented proposal in order to cultivate the best possible results out of your industry.

time for pr project

(Image source: cdn.moneycrashers.com)

6. Manage To Get In Touch With A Number Of Agencies

Never be limited to an endless list of agencies, rather try to make contact with a sufficient list of agencies so that you’ll not make the process harder for yourself in order to achieve your desire goals. Scratch your head into some research, recommendations and expertise to find out best PR agency or firm for your project.

7. Be Careful About The Period Of Contract

While you are going to make your final move towards hiring a PR agency, think carefully about the period of contract you are going to sign. It is often best practice to work on a project basis, so that you don’t let yourself tied for a long period of time. It will eventually help you to evaluate and get timely reviews for your project performance.

pr agency contract

(Image Source: insurancejournal.com)

Hope these simple tips will help you out, while you are going to hire a PR agency for business promotion. Do remember, don’t be in a rush and take your time in research and communication with agencies to bring the best out of it for your organization.