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Passwords From Uber Hacked Accounts Allegedly Selling Online For $1

Today, one dollar may not get you much, but one can buy a stolen password, yes, these days Uber passwords from hacked accounts are selling out online for just a dollar 1 with free car rides around town, according to the sources.

There are some vendors available on dark net sites like AlphaBay, which often trade in illegal services and products like drugs and fake goods, are now offering an active username and login details of Uber accounts for $1 only.


(Image Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

According to the source, Motherboard, said it was able to authenticate that some of the Uber accounts were still in use by regular members and that, in one case, an earlier hacked password of Amazon was used to breach an active Uber account because the passwords were the same.

Although, one vendor named Courvoisier came forward and claimed to have “thousands” of active hacked accounts for sale, but Uber revealed on Sunday that any said hack hadn’t taken place on their end. Also, according to the company, they investigated the issue already, and couldn’t “find any evidence of a breach.”

According to Uber, “This is a good opportunity to make people aware and remind them to use only unique usernames and passwords for their accounts, and user’s must avoid the practice of reusing their same account credentials across multiple sites.”

This statement supports the fact that may be hackers likely took login authorizations from one stolen account of the user, and were then able to breach into a user’s account of the company with the help of same password.

The company previously suffered a security breach in May 2014, which as a result affected thousands of Uber’s current and former drivers. But, as per the Uber, their previous accounts hack is in no way linked to the info allegedly available online.

So, if you are an active user of Uber account, make sure to update your account credentials as soon as possible.

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Amazon-logo fact

Did You Know – Amazing Logo Facts About E-Commerce Company Amazon?

The logo of renowned E-commerce Company, Amazon is an extremely simple logo where the arrow on the logo just looks like a smile, that is pointing  from A to Z, which clearly means that Amazon sell almost everything from A to Z, and brings a smile on the faces of customers whenever they purchase a product.

Amazon-logo fact

(Image Source: library.corporate-ir.net)

Founded late in 1994, the Company started as an online bookstore, but rapidly step in to selling almost everything ranging from VHSs, DVDs, Video, CDs, MP3, software, electronics, jewelry, toys and apparel online.

The Amazon also produces consumer electronics such as, kindle e-book readers, fire TV, fire tablets and fire phone. Also, the company known as a major service provider for cloud computing.

The company has their separate retail websites for different geographic locations, including the United States, Germany, United Kingdom & Ireland, France, Canada, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Japan, India, China and Mexico.


(Image Source: images.bwbx.io, kiernanelectrical.ie, cdn.homedit.com)

The Founder of the company, Bezos, selected the name Amazon in the name of the biggest river on the earth, “Amazon River”, as he intended to make his store the biggest store in the globe. The Amazon was originally started in the garage of Bezos.

In initial days as a start-up, the Amazon started as an online book store and sold its first book “Douglas Hofstadter’s Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought” on Amazon.com.

Within the first two months of the trade, Amazon took the sells to all 50 states and over 45 countries, but the company’s initial business strategy was unusual and it did not suppose to make a profit for four to five years. Later, stockholders started to complain about the company slow growth rate due to which they thought that company is not reaching to the profitability fast enough to survive in the long run. But, the company survived and finally made its first profit of $5 million in the fourth quarter of year 2001.

The times Magazine honoured Bezos for title of the “Person of the year” in 1999, acknowledging the Amazon success in spreading online shopping worldwide.

In 1997, Barnes & Noble sued Amazon for claiming to be the “largest bookstore in the globe”. Later on, the case from Barnes & Noble was settled down out of the court. On October 16, 1998, Walmart also sued Amazon asserting that the company had stolen trade secrets of Walmart by hiring their former executives and employees. Though, this case was also settled out of the court, but it results in implementing internal restrictions in the Amazon and also the reassignment of the past executives of Walmart.


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9 Tips Google-Adwords-Quality Score

9 Tips To Improve Google Adwords Quality Score

9 Tips Google-Adwords-Quality Score

(Image Source: thesearchagents.com)

In my previous article, I have covered topic on how to write best adwords ads copies , and today we’ll go to cover how to improve Google Adwords quality score in this easy step by step article. There is no doubt that adwords is indeed a best platform to reach potential customers with targeted keywords as per your industry need. But, when starting your PPC ad campaign, it’s very essential to place your ads on best position in order to get enough clicks from users.

A higher ad position on search page results to a good click through rate for a triggered search query. But what if you have to pay high cost per click to get top rank? This is a common misconception among people using Adwords that getting top rank leads to pay more per click. Well, ads positions are totally based on Google “Ad Rank” method.

Ad Rank basically based on two important factors, the maximum bid (cost) you willing to pay per click and “Quality Score” of your keywords and ads. A good quality score for your Adwords campaign allow you to get a top ad rank for less cost.

Your Adwords quality score calculated by Google for each of your keyword dynamically, including various factors such as how relevant your targeted keyword is to your ad copies serving to users for a search query.

So, let’s give a try to these 9 simple steps to improve Adwords quality score.

1. Generate A List Of Relevant And Targeted Keywords

While working on a PPC campaign, it is very important to set focus about what you want to achieve with your campaign. Don’t get overwhelmed about driving traffic to your site without even knowing what action you actually want from people to take when they visit your site. If you’re offering various products or services, don’t forget to make a relevant list of targeted keywords around them to brainstorm how people will make a search for products and services you’re providing. Sometime it is known as a best practice to ask people around you that on what search terms they will search for these things. Now, take this list to Google Keyword Planner or any of the tools you use for keyword researching and find possible keywords around them to make a group of them. Also, give a close look to the keywords not relevant to your target search terms to use them for negative keywords list later.

2. Separate Targeted Keywords Into Ad Groups

Once, you have done with your keyword list, move to assemble them in different ad groups according to their themes. Such as, keywords around “Commercial Photography” must be put in different ad groups, same as make a separate ad group for keywords around “wedding Photography” respectively. Also remember, themes could be grounded on many diverse concepts such as product attribute, product type, geography etc.

Google adwords-ad-groups

(Image Source: wordstream.com)

3. Make Relevant Ad Copies For Each Group

After done with ad grouping of keywords as per their theme, pay attention to create amazing yet relevant Ad copies based on the theme of your keywords. Don’t forget to think about the relevancy of the keywords that how these keywords are going to match with the ads you are going to create, as this the key point of an ad group where your ad copies must interact with your keywords.

4. Test Your Ads With Multiple Ad Copies

Adwords ad-copies-test

(Image Source: webwisebusiness.co.uk)

Though, you know how to write Adwords ads copies, even if you are writing your ads carefully, still it is very important to test your ad copies with multiple ads as some will perform far better than other ad copies. It is recommended by experts to run at least two ad copies at the same time to monitor which one is performing well. The best practice to monitor your ads is to keep your ad rotation settings to “Rotate: Show ads more evenly.” Through this setting, Google Adwords will give chance to appear your ad copies on search result equal, which will eventually let you know about better performing ad.

Google Ad-rotate setting

(Image Source: trada.com)

5. Make A User Friendly Landing Page

Offer a “User Friendly Landing Page” to the visitors is another most important factor to improve quality scores. When you all set to go to create a landing page, make sure that your content and design is reliable with both of your ad copies and keywords. Make sure to use targeted keywords in headers, title tags and content.


(Image Source: instapage.com)

6. Deliver What Users Looking For

People are good at online searches and are very well clear with the things what they are looking for, so make it sure to deliver them exactly what they are searching online. Even, if content, keywords and ad copies of your campaign are relevant, but user’s don’t find any solution to what they are looking for, they will leave your landing page which will eventually lead to a high bounce rate and affect quality scores as a result.

7. Keep A Clear And Easy Approach

When your targeted customers lands on your page through your ads, don’t make them confuse with lots of fancy graphics or text as graphics may increase the load time of your site. Instead, keep a realistic and simple approach with point to point solutions for their queries and also don’t forget to put a call to action in order to get conversions.

8. Try To Perform A/B Testing

A/B testing is a very well-known word in the paid marketing vocabulary. Creating a single landing page to get best results is alone not enough to achieve your PPC campaign goals. It is recommended to go with two different sets of landing pages to settle down with a better one for the purpose of your advertising goals. Even, if you don’t have that much of time to perform A/B Testing, you can try experimenting with landing page layout, content and appearance as small changes from you can put a huge impact in order to bring conversions.

Adwords AB-testing

(Image Source: padicode.com)

9. Track Campaign Performance

Tracking your PPC campaign is a very important task to keep maintains your campaign performance. Thus, it is recommended by experts to implement Google Analytics or any third party tools in order to monitor your campaign performance on a regular basis. Continues practice with these tips will eventually improve your campaign quality score, cut down your PPC campaign cost and increase conversion rates.

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facebook.messenger-third party app

Facebook plans to add up third-party apps to Messenger

facebook.messenger-third party app

(Image Source: i2.cdn.turner.com)

Facebook Messenger is knocked to get a big fix up.

According to the sources, social media giant Facebook plans to declare that it’s opening up Facebook Messenger doors to third-party apps in the course of its upcoming F8 Developer Conference held in San Francisco next week.

The renowned social network is all set to publicize around 20 third-party services and their apps, which will work on top of Facebook Messenger when the incorporation rolls out, according to sources.

Facebook has announced earlier about major new features at its F8 Developer Conference and typically offers to provide guidance, in the way of workshops and discussions on the new features for developers throughout the event.

First stated on Thursday, The upcoming update to Messenger is the company’s latest in a sequence of progress that have enormously expanded the reach of Facebook Messenger over the last year.

Back in 2011, Facebook first introduced Messenger as a standalone app for its users. But last summer the organization proclaimed it would be moving mobile messages out of the main Facebook app entirely. It was the move that angered many of Facebook users at that time.


(Image Source: screenshots.en.sftcdn.net)

As a result, Facebook has been progressively working on to Strengthen Messenger’s feature set, most freshly with the count of mobile payments.

Rather than an add-on to Facebook’s primary service, handed over the messenger’s service to third-party developers will make Messenger its own independent platform. The of ideas of social media giant behind doing this are blurred, but the achievements of renowned apps like WeChat & Line in Asia, which also assistance third-party apps and their services, has evidenced the positive prospect of such a platform.

Although, a lot more will be disclosed during F8 Conference in San Francisco next week. Till stay tuned!!

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Now Stream And Share Full-Length Music From The Twitter App For Free

Social network platform Twitter and renowned online music store, Rhapsody have come together to deliver a latest feature that offers the music service’s users to share full-length music tracks on Twitter, which allow anyone to enjoy shared music even if user don’t have a subscription.


(Image Source: rhapsody.com)

This amazing feature uses audio cards tool of Twitter’s, first introduced last year that allows Twitter users to stream and share audio directly from tweets. But after it launched in October, the feature was narrowed to a group of early launch associates who were the only accounts that time could able share new audio cards.


(Image Source: imore.com)

With this fresh collaboration, any subscribers of Rhapsody’s can able to share any music or song straight from the site’s to Twitter. The audio cards only work within the Twitter app though, so if any user opens the audio cards from the web they will be redirected to Rhapsody’s music store, where non-subscribers can only able to listen to only ten second preview of the soundtrack.

The company is expecting the collaboration will attract more potential subscribers to its service, which still has the fewer amount of paid users than Spotify. Each Twitter card also contains learn more about Rhapsody option, which redirects visitors to Rhapsody’s music site. Now, the music site is also tapping into its relationships with renowned artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Fifth Harmony, Pearl Jam, Flo Rida and Hunter Hayes who will release soundtracks from their upcoming albums via this new feature.


(Image Source: texaspolitica.com)

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adobe-latest mobile apps-PDF

Adobe Introduced ‘Photoshop Magic’ To The PDF With 2 latest Mobile Apps

Renowned design software company, Adobe is introducing its “Photoshop magic” to two latest mobile apps, Acrobat Mobile and Mobile Sign that has nothing to do with process of image editing, but both apps will help any user to create and edit PDFs files.

The new app is available for Android, iOS and Windows platforms, which allows users to effortlessly edit the PDF’s texts straight from their devices. Also, this latest app offering smooth rationalises of PDF creation by letting users to takes pictures of documents with their phone devices and automatically convert it into a PDF file.

adobe-latest mobile apps

(Image Source: pcworld.com)

According to adobe senior product marketing manager, Lisa Croft, since the latest apps using the similar technology what Photoshop and related creative offering, but the app is having features to automatically spot enhancements that require to be made and make the right adjustments to fine tune the pictures as well.

Fill and Sign, the Adobe second app target to make it easier for their users to put signatures to their PDFs. Now, Users can add a signature to their own documents or use the Fill and Sign app to share documents with related users and get their signatures. Even, if any other users don’t have the app themselves, still they can add their signatures to the shared PDF file. According to the Adobe, this feature will be valuable to the many business users.

adobe-latest mobile apps-PDF

(Image Source: pcworld.com)

Although, the new apps are free to use but a full document Cloud subscription will be started only at $12.99/ month for the standard subscription and only $14.99/month for the pro level. Also, a distinct enterprise subscription and a permanent license will also be available for the users, but the company has not disclosed those prices yet. As per the sources, the service will be available to the users within the next 30 days.

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logo quiz-cover image

Guess The Brand – Interesting Logos Quiz

Guessing has always been a great game to brainstorm your mind and gain knowledge. I love the games of guessing and I hope you also love the same. Even, the game of guessing become more interesting when it comes to guessing logos quiz of renowned brands, one of the reasons behind your interest is day to day encounters with many brands.

So, wait no further, here are some famous and interesting brands logos quiz with their hints, and you just have to recognize them as fast as you can.

Guess The Brand #1

dreamworks-logo quiz


  • Indeed a creative logo portrays a boy sitting on the moon, enjoying fishing. Also, the company logo is one of the most renowned and visually interesting logos in the movie production industry.
  • This company is a part of the famous Walt Disney Corporation of film production studios and endures to produce high-quality movies and television series for their audiences worldwide.
  • The brand also recognised for some of the best known works including, The Gladiator, Shrek movie series, A Beautiful Mind and Time Machine.

Guess The Brand #2

Accenture logo-quiz


  • The logo features the organization name in lower-case letters and a “greater-than” sign which is located just above one of the letters.
  • The logo represents a famous Irish company well known for its technology and management consulting and outsourcing services around the globe.

Guess The Brand #3

gucci-logo quiz


  • If you look closely, the logo comprises of the two interlocking “Gs”. I am sure you wondered about this emblem, well, when you looked in the past for history of the company, you’ll find a particularly iconic touch, founded in late 1964, was the use of the double-G logo for buckles of belt and other accessory decorations.
  • This amazing logo stands for a well-known Italian fashion brand famous for manufacturing high-end fashion and leather accessories and products.

Guess The Brand #4

winston-logo quiz



  • The logo is easily recognized and it contains a flying eagle in a red or blue rectangle.
  • Introduced in 1954, this logo represents a famous American cigarette brand. Even, the brand was once the best-selling brand of cigarettes among people in the US market.

Guess The Brand #5

sephora-logo quiz


  • With a simple and elegant flame emblem on a black background, this renowned logo features the brand name.
  • This logo is a famous French brand of cosmetics founded in Paris in late 1970. Also, the name of the well-known company was inspired by the famous Greek word “sephos” which means beauty.

Hope you love this game, will update with some other logo quiz soon, meanwhile you can read 5 amazing Iconic Logo Facts and Secrets , till Keep Guessing!!

Facebook Acquires Shopping Search Engine, TheFind


(Image Source: bidnessetc.com)

The renowned social network company, Facebook has acquired an eCommerce search app, TheFind. As per the source, TheFind announced the deal on its website.

According to TheFind, many of its employees would be joining the social media giant Facebook, and will work on making the better significance of the social media network’s advertising. Also, the search engine of TheFind will go offline in the next few weeks, according to the company.

Although, Facebook did not disclose details of the acquisition with TheFind, Founded in 2006, TheFind raised about $26 million in their three investment rounds in the past, but had not received a flood of cash since 2007.

Facebook’s latest move could also be another big step toward establishing more eCommerce platforms on its site. In July 2014, the Facebook already began testing a “Buy” button on the ads and Page posts by users. Also, it previously explored payments, as well as its own online currency called Credits.

Microsoft Cortana-2

Microsoft’s Cortana May Be Approaching To iOS And Android

Microsoft Cortana-2

(Image Source: media.bestofmicro.com)

Microsoft, The big name of software industry is planning to doling out a standalone app for its digital voice assistant Cortana to be working on both iOS and Android devices.

For now, Cortana is only available on Windows Phone 8.1 devices. The statement comes shortly after the news that Cortana will be intensely integrated with Windows 10, the Microsoft’s future desktop operating system.

Although, there is no official confirmation has been received from the sources about Cortana moving to other platforms, but according to the Eric Horvitz, the managing director of Microsoft Research, a future advance version of Cortana will be able to read and understand user’s emails, and then use this information to provide notification to users about an upcoming flight, for example.

The research that’ll drive into the new Cortana comes into existence from Microsoft’s artificial intelligence project named Einstein.

Well, seeing Cortana on other mobile platforms for users will be interesting, especially when both Apple and Google already have their digital assistance exclusively available on their respective platforms.

Apple’s Siri plugs into contacts, GPS data and messages while Microsoft’s Bing provides references and answers to users’ questions. Also, The Google Now app on Android can already provide notifications based on information from Gmail, and even offer a related voice search feature.