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A Comparison of Top Speech Analytics Vendors in The Market

Whenever we talk about speech analytics, the only one thing that comes to our mind is that it is a simple process of gathering information and helps in customer interaction. Speech analytics is something which is also known as audio mining. These days, people are more inclined towards speech analytics and this has actually grabbed many eyeballs and thus businesses are seeking top speech analytics vendors in the market.

Speech analytics deal with the identification of the business intelligence and also in the areas of the planning, recording and also processing of the center agent performance.

People are finding jobs in speech analytics because it is the booming and high paid profession these days. Having through the number of speech analytics vendors, I found Mattsenkumar and Verint as something very different.

So, what makes them different?

Well, to answer this, I have scrolled up the entire website and found so many positive ends. Well, here is the point that actually makes them different:

Top Speech Analytics Vendors Comparison:

SmartSpeech Tags Itself As Innovative Solutions!

SmartSpeech, a product by MattsenKumar offers the most advanced and cost-effective solutions for speech analytics and voice transcription. Their SmartSpeech suite enables clients to carry out advanced call analytics and benchmarking using Speech to Text technology.

With multiple languages support to offshore operations, they have the most innovative yet cost-effective solutions which help the clients in achieving the high business efficiencies.

speech analytics

Their global culture is driven by accountability, excellence, innovation, and integrity. This is one of the best vendors for speech analytics we have in the market. In terms of services, there are many which are served by them on the same platter. Services include:
• SmartAnalyze.
• SmartConsult
• SmartBenchmark
• SmartTranscript


Verint: The Name Is Enough!

When we are actually talking about Verint, it is a leader in the 2016 Forrester 2016 WFO Wave. Verint helps in empowering organizations with crucial insights through their highly progressive Speech platform. They are aimed to create a smarter world with actionable intelligence.

Their Speech technology services primarily offer optimizing customer engagement and cyber intelligence. Verint solutions are targeted to help businesses improve their processes, workforce optimization and minimize or prevent cyber threats.

verint speech analytics

It is helpful in giving a safe performance and also proving effective in developing highly scalable BPOs for the companies. There are two major services which the speech analytics vendor actually provides. It includes customer engagement optimization and cyber intelligence.

Different offerings with added features make both these solutions unique in their own way. There are different speech analytics vendors in the market so far. Always working to strive for excellence, these companies have been willing to work hard in terms of better future prospects and also the candidates too.

Goodwill Logo-Facts

5 Amazing Iconic Logos Facts And Secrets

As a major identity, Logo plays an important role for any company or organization. Even, when any firm goes to create a logo for their identity, they always keep in mind that the logo must look pleasing and to grab consumer’s attention. There are many great logos of the past and present come with a story and have a little bit of history associated with them. Many logos contain some fun facts, but on the other hand, some have secrets behind. So, here you’ll find 5 Amazing Iconic Logos Facts & Secrets about them.

1. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins Logo-Facts

Here you can see the pink colour in the logo, which may seem artistic for people, but if you notice a little, you’ll find that pink colour is actually meant to reveal the number “31”, using the creative design curves of the “B” and the backing of the “R”.

But did you think why there is a number “31”? Well, this is the number of original flavours of ice cream the Baskin Robbins offers.

2. Toblerone

Toblerone Logo-Facts

Toblerone logo is one of the unique logos you have ever seen, but what hidden in the Toblerone logo? Here is a mountain featuring in the company logo, which represents a “mountain city” known as Bern in Switzerland. The company is from the same city.

Also, after a close look over it, you’ll see a hidden bear outline in the mountain, because the city is well known as the city of bears, and that is the reason you can notice a bear out there.

3. Northwest Airlines

Northwest Airlines Logo-Facts

Take a close look to the letters in the circle, just next to the “Northwest Airlines” logo, you’ll first notice alphabet “N”. But, if you give it a second close look, you’ll notice a other letter “W”. Yes, the letter “W” is crafted out of the “N” and the arrow at the top.

Now, when you look at the arrow, here you’ll notice that what direction it is pointing? It is pointing towards the northwest, which is the name of the renowned airline.

4. Goodwill Non-profit

Goodwill Logo-Facts

Did you notice a smiling face? The face in the Goodwill logo makes the outline of a “g” when you look at the logo closely. This outline represents the first letter of the renowned non-profit’s organization.

The organization picks to deliver this using a smiley face as the organization providing the help for those in needs bring a smile on their face as well as putting a smile on the faces of those whom they are assisting.

5. The SUN Microsystems

Sun Microsystems Logo-Facts

Look at the logo carefully, you’ll find that the multiple letter “U” is making up the word Sun.

Even, when you look at the complete logo, from a distance, you’ll count that the word SUN appears more than twice. In total, you can see the word four times.

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7 Points To Keep In Mind When Hire A PR Agency

Are you looking to hire a PR agency? Hiring a PR agency is not as easy what people think today. A number of businesses or startup thinks that hiring a PR firm will magically get them fame and sales in no time.

Hiring a PR agency is not like a magic stick that will get you the desirable results within a short span of time, but if you are looking for some extra support, or want to make a long term communication with your targeted audience within market scenario, PR firms or PR agencies can help you out to get your business in a better place you want. Here are 7 tips to find out the best PR agency to help your business to reach promotion goals.

1. Hire Someone That You’ll Enjoy Working With

Always keep in mind while hunting for a good PR agency that a good agency will always be interested in you as much you are interested to work with them. A PR agency must understand goals of your organization and should be ready enough to take responsibilities to promote your brand. When you hire a PR agency, you are probably paying high, but you gain to access to a wide pool of useful resources and you would like to spend a decent time working together. So, try to find out people with whom you can build a strong relationship and who can give their best in your organization with all their interest and expertise to meet your desirable goals.

2. Hunt For Experts

There are a number of PR agencies in India to offer business promotion services with a different set of style or way as per their ability and approach of the work. Always try to go with a PR agency that supplements the aim and goals of your business. Try to find out the agency that has a previous proven performance record regarding the solutions you are looking at to resolve the issues in the way of your business promotion. Always remember, experience does matter in case you are looking for someone to handle all of your promotion, look after for the agency with specialization in the related sector.


(Image Source: vectrabank.com)

3. Organize Face To Face Meet Ups

If you are seeking for the best results, your official meet up process should always comprise a face to face meet up, followed by a written brief regarding your goals, so you can advance a real intellect of the professional organization. Be sure, you are always meeting up those people who are actually looking after for your project even if you hired an agency in order to make sure what progress is going on and what are the results you are getting.

pr meetings

(Image Source: insurancejournal.com)

4. Provide As Clear Approach As Possible

In order to facilitate the process with a PR agency, you should always keep a clear and straight approach or brief whenever necessary. A good agency would be happy to take initiative and would love to work with you with their best approach to get work brief time to time within the process, but always try to be clear and straight from the start with keeping these below points in mind:

  • Who are the people you seek to communicate with
  • What are the goals and objectives you want to achieve
  • Your ideas and message
  • Your estimated budget for the project

Also, always try to provide some reference or any relevant information to the agency, so the agency can go further with a right approach.

5. Provide Sufficient Time

As I stated earlier, there is no magic behind the success of any work or project, give agencies a sufficient time to respond to your project brief, so that they can come up with the best ideas and research to develop a goal oriented proposal in order to cultivate the best possible results out of your industry.

time for pr project

(Image source: cdn.moneycrashers.com)

6. Manage To Get In Touch With A Number Of Agencies

Never be limited to an endless list of agencies, rather try to make contact with a sufficient list of agencies so that you’ll not make the process harder for yourself in order to achieve your desire goals. Scratch your head into some research, recommendations and expertise to find out best PR agency or firm for your project.

7. Be Careful About The Period Of Contract

While you are going to make your final move towards hiring a PR agency, think carefully about the period of contract you are going to sign. It is often best practice to work on a project basis, so that you don’t let yourself tied for a long period of time. It will eventually help you to evaluate and get timely reviews for your project performance.

pr agency contract

(Image Source: insurancejournal.com)

Hope these simple tips will help you out, while you are going to hire a PR agency for business promotion. Do remember, don’t be in a rush and take your time in research and communication with agencies to bring the best out of it for your organization.

Adwords Click Through Rates-CTR

6 Hasty Tips to Improve AdWords Click Through Rate (CTR)

What is Click Through Rate (CTR)? I know many of you are very well aware of CTR, but for those who are not so much familiar with the term CTR or just started with Google Adwords, the term CTR or Adwords Click Through Rate means that how much clicks your ads getting on impressions while showing on search result.

There are lots of reasons to improve Adwords click through rates. You might need to increase CTR to help drive more traffic to your site, gain better Quality Scores, or achieve visibility for a new service or product.

But wait a minute, raising click through rates here doesn’t mean raising conversion rate. You might be even decreased conversion rates with ads. However, we are making a move with focus on raising click through rates rather than focus on how it touches other metrics.

As usual, this is all about testing for yourself to keep an eye that what helps to achieve your overall goals. Here are some 6 Hasty Tips to Improve AdWords Click Through Rates (CTR) in no time.

1. Extended Headlines

There is no doubt that extended headlines of your ad copies on top search results get more clicks than normal headlines. This is one of the best ways to improve click through rate of your ad copies. You can make your ads stand out by just putting a relevant “punctuation mark” at the end of your description line 1.

Just look at the ad sample below:

click through rate-ad sample

ad copy-mediagraphix

Here, as you can see I have just ended description line 1 with a relevant punctuation mark. When I did so, the description line 1 of my ad copy extended as a headline.

2. Add Sitelinks

Adding sitelinks in your ad copies provide an extra weightage to your ads. Sitelinks are a kind of extension itself, but there is one difference between sitelinks and other extensions. Other extension can’t show additional extension with your ad copy, but with sitelinks, you can put additional links or tabs showing other benefits and also navigate to your site straight from the ad copies.

Adwords ad copy-Mediagraphixpr

Adwords ad copy-Mediagraphixpr

3. Use Trademarks

Though, competition is high today and there are lots of options available in the market to choose from, but still many consumers are brand conscious. Whenever, someone looking for a brand in their search terms they would more like to see that brand name in your ad copy. But always be careful of the legal possibilities about trademarks while adding Trademarks in your ads.

Trademark use-Adwords ad

(Image Source: s3.amazonaws.com)

4. Use Negative Keywords

In order to improve Adwords ads click through rate (CTR), adding Negative Keyword list to your assigned ad groups or campaign will help in decrease chance of irrelevant traffic from related but unwanted searches. In simple words, adding negative keyword helps in exclude ad copy from appearing on search result with inappropriate search terms.

add negative keywords

(Image Source: intertwinemarketing.com)

5. Use An Ad Extension

Use of an ad extension is a simple yet useful way to improve click through rate of your ad copies. It also helps in getting chances of good conversion rates as well. Ad extensions help you to show more information or states with your ads to make it stand out of the crowd and increase the chance to get more clicks. This additional information can be product features, any offer and benefits. One can add extensions for social, products, contacts and local.

click through rate-ad sample

ad copy-mediagraphix

As here you can notice, I have used call out extension for the ad copy which is showing features and USP’s of the services.

6. Offer Some Freebies

I don’t think so if someone doesn’t want something for free. If you put something in your ad copy that’s you offering for free will be an added advantage in order to get more clicks which will eventually increase click through rate of your ad copies.

A freebie can be anything like a free gift, a free consultation, a free buy one get one offer. That will really work. But remember, this all is like testing for your ad copies, sometimes word free works, sometimes they do not, it’s all up to your industry or service type. Sometime people would love to go with values and better services rather than to get something free. So keep trying with your ads.

Hope these ideas will help you to achieve better click through rates for your ads. However, it is recommended to always keep testing with your ads and ad variations to achieve goals.

5 Easy Tips For Writing AdWords Ads Copies

If you are new to an amazing platform of Google Adwords and looking to promote your product or brand through paid mediums on search engines, then you are on the right platform to sell your services and products.

Though, Adwords is a good place for conversions and leads, but competition is much higher than what you have expected in order to achieve your goals. It is very important to make sure that you are showing relevant ads to your target audience.

But how to make an awesome ad copy which look great to stand out from the crowd? The basic format for the ads is common where an ad copy has four lines of texts to use and each line have different character length. Such as an example below:

Google Ad Copy Format


Here are some simple yet useful tips to follow while you are going to start with your ad copies.

1. Use Relevant Keywords In Headline

Putting keywords is your ad headline is the best way to serve the people with relevant ad copy as per their search term. Use of keywords in headline also boosts ad relevancy with keyword as it uses a large colored font when it appears in Google search page. As you can see in this picture below that the search terms also get bolder when it appears within your ad copy. Also, don’t forget to capitalize the first letter of your keywords within headline as it gets your ad noticed, but don’t make whole headline capitalize as it will violate Google text ad guidelines.

mediagraphixpr-Google ad


As you can see I am bidding on the key term ‘PR Agency’ so I have placed this keyword in the headline and again put the term PR in the ad copy as well.

2. Highlight Benefits, Not Features

It’s often come across on the search page that sometimes people are more interested into highlighting features instead of product or service benefits. In order to get more potential clicks from the targeted audience, highlighting benefits can help you out. For example, if you are selling a headphone, you can write “Listen Supreme Sound” instead of saying “In line remote & Mic”. Putting words this way create a realistic approach and help to make readers feel more involved with the product or services you are offering to them.

3. Use A Unique Call-To-Action

When you are about to complete your ad copy, don’t forget to use an appropriate and unique “Call To Action” which finally grabs the attention of the user. Also, don’t put that same traditional terms such as click now or buy now etc. always try to put something eye catching and attention grabbing with some urgency as well, Such as “Call Experts Now” or “Grab the offer”.

Call to action-ad copy

4. Use Figures in ad copies

Nothing boosts sales other than figures. If your ad copy consist any discount, or your product or services have won any awards in past or present, or are ranked no. 1 in your domain, you should leverage it. This will eventually help to build trust in your ad copies, company and services.

Adwords ad copy figures

This ad copy is full of figures and stats such as 500 business cards for $8.50, 4.7 star rating. These figures all help to create an ad stand out of the crowd.

5. Make your URL Unique & Readable

Never use the full title of your linked page. Always make your URL neat and clean to get readable by users and Google as well. Instead, this is another great way to put your keywords.


Bad URL: yoursite.com/products/newproducts/niceproduct/30%

Good URL: yoursite.com/nice-product


Although, these are a good way to improve your ad copies to get better results in search results, but always keep in mind that adwords is all about keep testing with your ads and keywords for better results. Give a try to these quick tips and make your ad copies stand out of the crowd.