15 Expert Tips To Promote Your Business On Twitter

Now days, promotion of a business via social media is very essential in order to generate a great brand value as well as good revenues at the same time.

Though, there are many platforms available to promote businesses through social media, but promotion via twitter making a great impact on this domain. There are a large number of businesses like yours that have found great success with twitter.

According to lorirtaylor.com, Twitter now has 270 million active users around the globe. A large majority of users are more active via mobile than desktop users. Approx. 37% of active Twitter users would be more interested to buy from a brand they follow.

But, promotion on twitter is not about a piece of cake, successful companies took time to build a visually appealing brand with a motive to boost their marketing efforts. Now, before moving further, I would like to discuss some basic twitter terms with you, so that you’ll get more familiar with basic useful terms of Twitter.


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Basic Twitter Terms:

Tweet: A short form of message or update with a limit of 140 characters.

Retweet: A relevant tweet or update that can be forward by you to your followers.

Mention: Mentioning or marking someone in a tweet using their twitter handles i.e. @hbounthiyal.

Hashtag: A unique phrase or word headed by “#”. Use to create a group of tweets for desired discussions. i.e. #HappyMothersDay

Follow: The well-known process of subscribing to someone Tweets as a follower, whatever they update; their tweets will display in your home tab.

Follower: When someone following your account with a twitter handle and has subscribed to your tweets on their timeline.

So, without killing any time further, here are 15 expert tips to promote your business on Twitter:

1. Create A Great Twitter Handle

While looking to create a handle for your organization, don’t be in a hurry, otherwise you’ll probably going to make it a mess. Try not to go for some fancy or cheesy one, instead, makes it simple & short yet engaging by keeping your brand name in mind.

Avoid using any special characters that will make it tough for the twitter users to remember or search for. For an example, make your handle like @designhilldh instead of @designhill_dh.

2. Build An Eye-Catching & Informative Page

After done with twitter handle, start work on building a great eye-catching and informative brand page for your company. Select a clear and elegant logo design of your company or brand, or if in case, you are a start-up, you can always get one for your brand from renowned logo design crowdsourcing sites.


(Image source: designhill.com)

Also, don’t forget to use a high resolution header image for your brand page. Try selecting a color theme that majorly fit with your company colors themes. Also, try to highlight your services or products in the header image with informative visuals, which will eventually help to attract the users towards your account.

Make sure to test your twitter page design for different browser compatibility after done with the changes, as cross checking of page design can help you to avoid miss out of profile pic or any important text in the image.

3. Position Your Company As An Influencer

If you are a team of experts in your niche, make sure your team must explore twitter to share their valuable and informative thoughts whether they are publishing a blog or participating in a conference. Also, deliver the latest news or trends of your industry via tweets on a regular basis and don’t forget to mention any recent awards or recognition to your followers.

4. Drive Some Traffic Through Your Content

Believe it or not, twitter is really responsible to drive a large amount of traffic to your site. If, you are not leveraging your Twitter account to drive traffic to your site, you are missing out with potential audience every minute.

Through tweets, you can rotate and promote your same content multiple times by simply changing the text of the tweet. Even, you can schedule your tweets in various time zones as per your industry need.

5. Engage With Your Audience & Followers

Gone are the days when people only use twitter to post their pics and links in tweets. Twitter accounts are really not meant for these activities, it’s a two way communication. Whenever someone mentions you on twitter via their handler, whether in a positive or negative way, you just need to respond as quickly as you can.


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People don’t like a robotic tweet activity and this is the time you can show that there is a real person behind your every tweet and what you really care about. This will help you to gain trust value for your brand.

6. Use 110 or Less Characters For Tweets

It’s really end up with frustration when people trying to retweet a tweet from you and they can’t do so due to use of full 140 characters allowed by twitter for your tweet. So, in order to get your tweet retweeted by the audience on a regular basis, try to keep your tweets less than 110 characters.

7. Don’t Think of Promotion All Time

Using Twitter for promotion is different thing but talk about your product and services every time is different thing, stop doing that. People are aware of your products and services already, so start avoiding tweets about yourself or your company every time; this will lead to losses in interest in your twitter handle by your audience.

8. Make Available Your Tweets For All Time Zones

Different countries have their various time zones, so, in order to reach your audience at relevant time with some informative tweets, try to schedule your posts according to the time zones of your targeted audience. You can always take help of some great online tools like Hootsuite and Postcron to schedule your posts for different time zones.

9. Mention Your Potential Audience

Everyone wants some kind of public recognition and it does really feel good. So, try to give appropriate recognition or mention to any of your customers or influencer who published or speaks on something related to your industry.

10. Take Benefit of Twitter Card

Twitter cards are one of the best features offering by Twitter to its users. Twitter cards allow users to add rich media to their tweets with a motive to make them stand out of the crowd. Twitter cards are free to use including product cards. However, twitter only offers lead generation cards as a part of its advertising which can be used within promoted tweets.

11. Pin Your Important Tweet

If there is any important tweet which you think getting more engagement from an audience, you can also pin that tweet to the top of your twitter feed. The steps are simple, find that tweet and click on the three dots (available on the bottom right corner of the tweet), and select the option for “Pin to profile page”. Refresh the page and you’ll find your tweet at the top of your twitter feed.


12. Use Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags play a vital role in order to create a group of tweets for desired discussions. Always try to use a unique and relevant Hashtag so that people can find your discussion without any hassle. Start with preparing a list of relevant Hashtags and people associated with you must aware of those hashtags to start with a discussion.

13. It’s Good To Follow Brand Influencers

If you want to get heard, start listening first. There is no good way to get followers other than start following people first, until unless you are a celebrity or a business tycoon. Don’t be in hurry while you are selecting who to follow or follow back.

Get in touch with your industry brand influencers or advocates and follow them. Don’t be getting overwhelmed to follow people, twitter can disable the follow option once you jumped off twitter follow limit.

14. Create A List of Your Industry Experts

Twitter offer you the feature of creating lists to add people of relevant industries and allow you to manage accounts you follow into assigned stacks. Start creating public lists of brand influencers and industry accounts in order to build the database for your customers and brand endorsers.

15. Use Twitter Analytics

A promotion activity of your company account on Twitter has no value without tracking its performance. Twitter analytics allows you to get latest updates and stats about your twitter promotional efforts on a regular basis. Here you can track, analyse and optimize your tweets and reach in a very simple way as twitter analytics dashboard will provide you a real time view of your account.



When it comes to market your company via Twitter, there are many ways to take benefits from your company Twitter account, but keep remembering, first impressions are everything. Also, playing with 140 characters is something very challenging in order to engage your audience, but on the other hand it can be good and beneficial to your company if you learn to use this character limit as a part of your marketing content strategy.

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