10 Best Social Bookmarking Sites To Boost Your Off-Page SEO

Now days, regular updates from Google may slow down ranking for your targeted keywords. An expert in SEO can understand the value of OFF-Page SEO as a part of his/her SEO strategy.

SEO is not an easy task what people think today. It requires full dedication and a sharp eye to get updates on changing trends of search engines. Thus, it’s very important to keep a strong hold on your OFF-Page SEO.

Building backlinks is as much important as On-Page SEO. There are several ways to build links, but, social bookmarking is one of the best methods to earn backlinks for your site to boost your SEO strategy.

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So, here are 10 best social bookmarking sites to boost your off page SEO:

1. Reddit.com – (Page Rank 8)

Reddit is a renowned social networking, entertainment and news sharing website where registered users can submit their original content in terms of news, articles, images and links. You can also upvote any link or content you like with a healthy discussion on the topic.

2. Pinterest.com – (Page Rank 9)

Pinterest is a good platform to discover and submit articles in terms of pins from around the globe. Pinterest is well known as a photo sharing site. You can share industry quotes, ideas and images in order to promote your business.

3. Tumblr.com – (Page Rank 8)

Tumblr is best known for offering micro blogging and social networking. You can post multimedia and rich content in a short form of a blog. Tumblr also offer the facility to make your blog private.

4. Delicious.com – (Page Rank 8)

With ultimate features of delicious, you can store, share and discover various bookmarks of your choice from the industry experts.

5. Newsvine.com – (Page Rank 7)

Newsvine is known as a social news sharing site. A user can seed and share news links from an external source. Newsvine also allows a user to take participate in selected social news to discuss news items.
Newsvine is popular with the both users as well as professional journalists.

6. Fark.com – (Page Rank 7)

Fark is a community website which offers members to comment on news and articles which shared on a daily basis from various websites around the globe. A large number of stories submitted every day. Links submitted by any user approved by the admin first and then posted to the main page or any other subsidiary pages.

7. Scoop.it – (Page Rank 7)

Scoop is one of the best platforms to curate, discover and publish amazing content to make it viral and get visibility in the online space. Scoop already has millions of professional users who taking benefit out of it.

8. Slashdot.org – (Page Rank 7)

If you want to publish any news or article around science and technology, then Slashdot is the best platform for you. Slashdot offers a health discussion platform for their user’s to read and discuss about tech and science news.

9. Diigo.com – (Page Rank 7)

In simple words, Diggo is a unique website to offer you quality social bookmarking for your articles and web pages. In addition, a user can also highlight any part of its web page and can also attach sticky notes to any specific highlight.

10. Folkd.com – (Page Rank 6)

Fokld is best known for social searches and social bookmarking of quality content. Users can save and bookmark their links to be visible to other readers, according to their search online.

Although, there are so many other bookmarking sites available on the web for your daily bookmarking, but these are the best social bookmarking sites I have come across. Just give them a try and you’ll see a healthy boost in your traffic and site visits.

So, have a happy bookmarking!!

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